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Keynote Speaker

Phil M Jones

Best known for his international best-selling book, Exactly What to Say – The Magic Words for Influence and Impact and his vast experience as a professional speaker at conferences and events, what is often overlooked is the strategic intellect he provides behind the scenes for some of the world’s biggest brands to understand their critical conversations and the success language required to maximize their effectiveness.



After several years of being one of the most in-demand young sales leaders in the UK, Phil decided it was time to dedicate his future to helping others to succeed. Ever the entrepreneur, Phil started his training and consulting business from scratch in 2008 and has grown a deep body of work that showcases his core belief that changing your words can truly change your world. 


To help great people, get better. Because a relentless focus on getting better means that better soon beats the current best. 


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Change your words. Change your world.

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